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Transformers: Titans Return Trypticon

After months of having to witness excruciating teases where we caught a small glimpse of the new Transformers: Titans Return Trypticon, the entire story has finally been revealed. At the 2017 Toy Fair, the Trypticon has finally made his debut … Read More


An Introduction to Hexbug Vex Hexbug is a brand of toy automations that have been developed by Innovation First. Hexbug was originally inspired by BEAM robotic, which is why you find many elements of it in the toys. They were … Read More

Rubik’s Build It, Solve It

Do you remember those complicated little Rubik’s block that we would sit there trying to figure out for what seems like hours? Did any of you guys/girls ever solve them? Maybe all it takes for us to solve the “cube” … Read More

Littlest Pet Shop LPS Cruise Ship

For years, the Littlest Pet Shop has been making its way into our homes. If you have a little girl, you may remember her playing with Littlest Pet Shop pets (she might still have a collection in her room). This … Read More

Melissa and Doug Food Truck

Have you had the opportunity to go to the toy store lately? If so, you probably noticed a lot of different toys on the shelves – ones that really stand out are the Melissa and Doug toys. What is the … Read More

Twilight Sparkle & Canterlot Castle Building Set

An Introduction to My Little Pony My Little Pony is a franchise that was developed by Hasbro – it was original a toy line specifically designed for girls. Bonnie Zacherle Steve D’Aguanno and Charles Muenchinger developed the first toys that … Read More

Hologram Barbie

Today, we have smart home speakers such as Echo that are capable of telling us the weather, researching stuff for us and telling us the weather for the day. However, looking at them, they can do so much, but they … Read More